Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Songs that Remind me of my Childhood

I love thinking about the nerdy pop culture things that affected me as a child and also maybe impacted who I grew up to be. Here are some key examples:

CARLY SIMON was big in our house. As was the Working Girl soundtrack.

THE POINTER SISTERS. This song was also on the Working Girl soundtrack. I remember being eight or nine years old, having saved my money from allowances and selling baked goods, looking at the American Girl doll catalog, getting so excited about my doll coming in the mail....while listening to this song.

TINA TURNER was also big in our house. We spent many road trips singing along to her greatest hits album. I've always had a soft spot for this song...but also...kind of all her songs.

WHITNEY HOUSTON. We didn't listen to a ton of Whitney but we had this black cassette tape full of pop music that came with one of our family's cars in the early days and this song was on it and I've heard it SO MANY times in the car, looking out the window, blasting the diva power.

ET THEME....by John Williams. This was on the same tape and I would put my ear right next to the speaker and rock out. Funny but true.

BACK TO THE FUTURE THEME by Alan Silvestri. This was also on the tape and I also put my ear to the speaker for this one.

THEN HE KISSED ME by The Crystals. I loved this movie when I was little and I loved the dancing around-getting ready scene. Very Margaux.

ACE OF BASE One of my first cassette tapes was Ace of Base. This song especially reminds me of being five. My best friend was always onto pop culture before me (I mean we were five so that's saying something...I think maybe she had cable tv and I didn't). She introduced me to the song and I always thought it was "I saw the sun" which when you think about it..would be a very different song.

I can't embed this song by BRYAN ADAMS but let me just say this: I loved Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as a kid...it's so beautifully awful, kind of like this song. This was one of my early favorites. I remember singing it in the tub.

And one more Carly Simon to cap us off. This song might take me back the farthest. It was also on the black cassette tape but it was one of my favorite songs when I was tiny.


Kelsy said...

Can't say I grew up listening to the same music, but I love this post. I love it so much.

Margaux said...

Merci merci! haha

emma wallace said...

Oh, I remember Ace of Base blasting when I went to ice skating rinks when I was a kid!

Margaux said...

haha You HAVE to love Ace of Base.