Wednesday, April 6, 2011

STOP! Are you a lady??!!

I think I need to start putting pictures of Dita around my room for health/make-up/overall awesomeness inspiration

If you are a lady, or you enjoy wearing ladies' garments, I have brilliant news! The rumors you've been hearing around know, the talk that goes something like this:

A: Gloria, I heard high cut underwear is making a comeback!
B: Doris, that just can't be. All my friends wear those g-strings and those tiny handkerchiefs they call "booty shorts"! Things that cinch at the waist are O-U-T!
A: That simply isn't so! Why just yesterday I read in a magazine that they're all the rage and I swung through town and got myself two pair! And I actually like them!


I always looked at those high cut underwear and thought....."old lady." The cotton ones look so big on the hanger. Part of the reason I buy bikini underwear and other hip-hugging styles is that they look so small and sweet, and I can pretend that my derriere is merely so big. The waist cinching satin panties, though of a nice material and a vintage look, still seemed huge on the hanger, awkward, old. And THEN, ladies, THEN I tried them on and my life (my silly little life) was CHANGED.

I now have something that looks perfect with my bustier, that looks perfectly vintage, that will look good under dresses (esp. the vintage and vintage inspired), that creates the hourglass shape I always aspire to have. How could I have doubted the age-old style? The Bettie Page-approved undergarment? Where have I been keeping my brain for twenty-three years???

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