Friday, July 15, 2011


So I'm a part of Trek in the Park again this year, and since this is a show which recreates episodes of the original Star Trek, I love trying to do my hair and make up somewhat 60s-inspired. My hair is not very thick and I still haven't succumbed to buying a hair piece so I end up doing a lot of teasing, which I know is bad...but...oh well! I've been grazing the internet in search of good ideas and then I thought it would be fun to organize these and share them!

Firstly, I've been looking at youtube make-up tutorials from my favorite, Pixiwoo. Namely, the Edie Sedgewick and the Raquel Welch. I don't have good make up brushes so I feel pretty ridiculous-looking while trying the Edie. I think tomorrow, I shall go Raquel instead.

And now lots of pictures with hair/make up ideas.

Ms. Fonda.

Katharine Ross.


Sophia Loren.

Anna Karina.


And because a style list is not a style list without Audrey...


Kelsy said...

Every once in a while I have the urge to go all-out with make-up. This is inspiring that.

Margaux said...

Yeah it's so much fun. Sometimes I wish I'd gone to beauty school instead of college. haha...but then the grass is probably always greener.

emma wallace said...

I love 60s fashion THE BEST, I think. Aaand, I dressed up as a security officer from Star Trek two Halloweens ago! Loved it.