Saturday, February 26, 2011

Le printemps et le nouveau vague!

Soon...soon...soon.....the snow will be gone. I will put away my giant faux fur and no longer appear to strangers like a burglar in a bear suit. The coming on of spring means many of which: time to return to my private study of the French New Wave. Today I woke up early (before 9 on a Saturday!) and did dishes and drank a pot of tea while watching the Godard film, Pierrot Le Fou (1965) starring my favorite, Anna Karina. I want to have a pet and call her Anna Karina but you see I would want to pronounce the name with a French accent and would then feel excessively's a fine line I walk in my silly little life, reader(s).

Man meets girl he's met before, leaves his wife for her...

She's involved in some sort of crime ring through her brother (maybe? it feels irrelevant....the movie is like Bonnie and Clyde....if Bonnie and Clyde was a escape movie...without any chase scenes that didn't also involve skipping along the sea and reciting love poems to the camera and some singing at odd moments).

Ferdinand and Marianne run away to the seashore where he becomes obsessed with reading and writing and she...gets bored and sings. Parrot?

This is what I LOVE:
-They erupt out of the sand and kiss.

-Her brother's (?) crime ring also goes around incognito as a dance troupe?!

-Everything she wears is PERFECT. I want to get bangs again and wear blue eyeshadow. She convinces me every time.

-Really Non-intimidating Bad Guy with ENORMOUS portable phone.

This was....dissatisfying.
They act out the Vietnam War for tourists because they have no money...and Anna covers her gorgeous Dutch face in yellow make up and makes Vietnamese-ish(?) noises like an idiot. And the American tourists (played very badly, but not as badly as Jean Paul Belmondo butchers English) clap and say "That's very good." It was weird in a really unamusing way.... Perhaps I was missing a point....

The Blue Man Group probably loves Godard.

Anyway, I liked the movie but it wasn't my favorite. The style, the colors, the French-mod-strange-funny-pretty of everything on the screen met with the random half-musical numbers and Anna Karina just being pretty and cute and entrancing the entire time. I think I have more crushes on women than I ever ever do on men...and I say this as a (full disclosure) pretty Definite heterosexual being. This post is more of a picture-spasm/Anna Karina explosion than anything.... Just look how fabulous she is, don't you just wanna be her a little?

May or may not have sort of done my hair like this today...the messy undone beehive.

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