Friday, January 28, 2011

math love poetry

I've been studying MATH for over three hours. If I don't pass the TWO math tests I have tomorrow, I will sue Mathematics. Don't ask how but I will do it. I'm a little cuckoo because I only got five-ish hours of sleep the previous night. I'm strangely awake. I finally stopped nervously watching The Golden Girls and eating romaine lettuce and started studying. Starting is the hardest part.

But I've been studying so long now that my head is all full of numbers and formulas and all that mumbo jumbo and then I get dazed and start singing songs to myself...involving horrible math poetry that I am going to submit you to (forgive me, please....).

walking down this number line, positives and negatives, sometimes undefined!
trying to get back to you, if two minuses make a positive then why are you still blue?
I thought we added up to two.

ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.....somebody slap me. haha...oh man.

This should probably be deleted. I feel bad for whoever's stopping by. Oh well....I'm crazy/cheesy/a dork. And now you know.

Here's a ridiculous video for your trouble:

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