Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In which we try to inspire ourselves via Audrey Hepburn

I've been doing a lot of this lately...

I feel a little bad for not writing in this at ALL. I suppose few people read it and my silly little thoughts aren't that important to the internet at large, but I like keeping this blog kind of the way I like to keep diaries. The last year has seen me really move away from both of those hobbies and I'm not exactly sure why. I've been busy? Yes but usually I always found time in the past to come back and write or post ideas, etc. Maybe plays and school have sucked all my inspirational energy? Shrug. Anyway, on the note of school (graduation ceremony is in EXACTLY two months!!!!!!!!!!!^$^#%($#&@) I think I shall post some self-indulgent goals in order to pass all my classes, keep calm, cool, collected, and send good vibes out and all that jazz.

I will abstain from marathoning television series when I should be doing homework, etc.
-------I recently finished the second season of Doctor Who and I could start season three but the fear is that instead of letting it just be background, I'll end up watching it, and then suddenly days have passed and I keep clicking "play next episode."

I will do my math homework on campus after classes EVERY DAY.

I will NEVER skip class.....unless I am maybe out of town (whoops).

I will study for any and ALL tests beginning at MINIMUM two days in advance.

I will keep my room tidy so I may feel at one with the universe.

Yoga at least twice a week.

Imagine the best possible great affordable apartment, job and maybe even a cat and a chaise longue-why not? It's my imagination. You never know what'll happen.

So I've got a lot of this to do...

Funny....I was just imagining my dream apartment and (I'm such a nostalgia-nerd) I was thinking about vintage refrigerators and how cute they are, and ice boxes, and then about how nowadays most people have huge fridges and it's normal. You really don't NEED that huge of a fridge unless you hunt game or buy everything at Costco.... la la la I'll shut up now.

But maybe after I graduate and become a real-life grown up,
I'll get myself a bathtub sofa!!!

Dream apartment idea...lifted from here


Silvia said...

Well, you know, I lurked blogs all the time, including yours. It's an awesome blog but I never commented or anything. Maybe there's more people reading this than you think...

Your Mom said...

I fully endorse all your goals!

Margaux said...

Thanks, Silvia! :) haha The internet is a mysterious place, isn't it?

Oh and thanks, Mom. haha