Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's talk about Bangs, Baby.

Yeah, that's right. A month has passed and I'm still talking about hair. I could write a blog post about misogyny and sexism and female stereotypes in film....but I don't feel like it...and sometimes I think to myself, "people are smart enough to figure these things out themselves, and why should I rant about it online and potentially come off as preachy?" SO. Let's talk about something we can ALL agree on. And that is.....the immortal perfection that is the style, icon and being of Audrey Hepburn. Ok. She was human. So SHE wasn't perfect no matter how much we adore her. BUT her STYLE? Goes without saying. Goes without whispering.

So now...let us observe the many hair styles (bangs/fringe in Particular) of Audrey... You see I am thinking about getting bangs and Hepburn had such a lovely, wide array of hairstyles...I feel like no one else would be quite as splendid an inspiration.

God, she does amazing things for the side-fringe phenomenon, doesn't she?? All of the sudden I want to chop all my hair off and pretend to date Peter O'Toole in the sixties.... But I let my hair grow finally, and I do enjoy styling it....and up-dos. Sigh. The grass is always greener on the other hair length.

Do I have enough forehead? Hmmmmmmmm.... The philosophical queries of a young and fertile mind...


Kelsy said...

I love bangs, but I don't pull them off well. I think it's a combination of too blond and too small of forehead. I also can't style them well for the life of me. But it you can master it, I will be so jealous.

Margaux said...

haha Yeah I haven't a sizable forehead either. Not sure what I'll decide..... I hate hair falling in my face all the time and I worry that if I did the side bang thing they'd be in my eyes CONSTANTLY and I'd just look stupid.