Sunday, November 7, 2010

In Which We Think About Getting a New Hairstyle

I haven't had my hair cut since July of 2009 and I haven't had it professionally dyed since the spring of 2008 (I went blonde-ish with the intention of going peroxide blonde but that never happened). Sure, I tampered with store-bought red/auburn dyes on my own because I was so sick of everyone calling me a blonde....not that I have anything against blondes, of Course, I just...I haven't been a natural blonde since I was 2. You may call me a strawberry blonde or a redhead. I am not a blonde.....I know....I'm being ridiculous. I apologize. MOVING ON.

Anyway, silly, superficial babble over: I am going to get new hair!!! My thought is that I won't get one solid color, but maybe get highlights of pink and red.... I've been looking online at hairstyles and colors and now, so I can self-indulgently look over them as a whole, I am posting them here.

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