Sunday, May 16, 2010


We're so inundated with images of tiny, lanky women, and we accept this ONE ideal....which is BORING. God bless Christina Hendricks and the people who cast her, if I put on weight, I don't just think about being "fat" or "thin" any more...I have her image in mind, too. It is silly, I know, but I admit, it really helps. She's perfect just the way she is....dear women everywhere and every size, love yourselves. Be who you are, stand up for yourselves, and you'll inspire others, too.

My grandpa passed down to me his Helen Reddy record. I don't think I would call my Finnish-American grandfather a feminist. At all. But the fact that he appreciates Helen Reddy (among many other musicians) and Mel Brooks and anything with dancing involved (Riverdance, Ballroom competitions, my middle school tap and jazz escapades, you name it) is what makes him such a fascinating and delightful character.

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Christina Hendricks Bikini said...

Christina hendricks looks great in that outfit, one of my faves!