Friday, May 21, 2010

in the summertime

When the present overwhelms, dream about the future.....horrible advice that I live and breathe by. I am praying I can graduate in Fall but all these obstacles just popped into my view and now I have to hope for miracles and the kindness and understanding of people with POWER. Ugh.
Blah blah blah.

To calm my addled nerves...a list of summer goals (with pictures):

More yoga, more stretching. Have achieved the "easy splits"....onto the "difficult splits".

Not sleeping in and missing the least not every day.

Having fun with friends.

Writing more ukulele songs. Practicing lots.

Driving. A car....

Practicing sketching, doodling, painting.

Writing sloppy plays and poems.

Taking hot, long, luxurious baths.

Kissing a good man or two. What? Who said that? Me? Whoops....

Watching some more crazy, old French movies.

Watching lots of PBS on my mother's huge tv, whilst enjoying fancy tea.

Face masks. Learning to make my own shampoo?

Learning to knit, finally? Taking up embroidery!

Reading novels. And plays. But also NOVELS.

Loving everybody and simultaneously being less of a pansy.

Maybe being actressy and getting my resume sorted and getting some headshots.


d.funkt said...

You've quite an ambitious list. Good luck but treasure the time to relax because you definitely don't get to do it during the year. Please post if you learn how to make shampoo and what I'm sure will be beautiful headshots. Also I really want to know what you read.

Margaux said...

Aww, thanks. Yeah, I highly doubt I'll accomplish Everything...but I can try. :)

Irene said...

Margaux, dear, tell me about your life. Send me another long long message and tell me all about it. I love your life...and you!
Will you be in Vancouver this summer? I am moving there in two three weeks, I think.
:) Miss you love.

Hang in there with school - everything has a funny way of working out. No point in stressing out! :) Kisses!
Stay beautiful and lovely!