Saturday, April 17, 2010

And Scene!

What do I do with my spare time? Well, I go antiquing. Or I sleep. Or I watch movies. Sometimes I go see plays and go out with friends and things like that. Other times....I just watch movies. Now, for your enjoyment: a tour through my viewing schedule!

This past week or two I watched Damn Yankees (1958) for the first time. It's a ridiculous 1950s musical but as we all know, ridiculous things can be fun. Also, when a musical tries (even very vaguely) to delve into ideas of making deals with the devil, etc and so on, you have to give it a little credit for at least digging even an inch deeper than the average musical comedy fare. Also, I've gone into another slightly Woody Allen mood. I watched Play it Again, Sam (1972) for the first time, and re-watched The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985). What draws me to these films, personally, aside from Woody's natural woodiness, is the love affair it shows between people and old movies. I, too, am a fantasist and I sometimes talk to my framed Humphrey Bogart picture. Don't worry. I only Pretend he talks back...

BOB FOSSE!!!! He was married to Gwen Verdon and they make a great team as is seen in both of these clips.

Man tries to pick up woman. Woman needs serious help.

I kind of want this to happen to me...but not....but a little bit...yes.


Kelsy said...

I'm thinking of giving Woody Allen another chance. I've seen a handful of his movies, but never really connected to them (although I kind of loved The Purple Rose of Cairo. And yes, I would gladly accept Jeff Daniels into my life.)

d.funkt said...

Very cool. Have you heard Sarah Vaughn sing Whatever Lola Wants? My boyfriend hates that song because he thinks it's too schmaltzy but it's so, so good.

Margaux said...

Kelsy, yeah I understand how he's not for everybody. And some of his movies just leave me kind of annoyed/bored/Woody Allened out...but then some of them I just love and adore. Seriously, I'm pretty sure you'd get a big kick out of Bullets Over Broadway. It's very funny and phenomenally cast.

And yes! I loooove the Sarah Vaughan version of Whatever Lola Wants. I almost posted the song but then I decided I wanted to show something live and they only had her singing it to pictures.