Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's my party and I'll put off my homework if I want to.

I have ten pages to write. That I haven't begun to write. That I don't want to write. Today is my birthday and it feels like the least birthday-ish birthday. I get the day off from school every year, but my relaxation has been clouded by this paper and the fact that I'm still not perfectly healthy as I so desperately wish to be. I think maybe I will try to stay up late, cleaning my room (a messy room=a messy brain, for me, anyway) and getting something-ANYTHING school-related, Done. I shall just have to postpone dress up/celebration of my birth until this weekend and Thanksgiving. Mmm, Thanksgiving!

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Irene said...

awww....i know the feeling...i had two midterms on my birthday haha....and the bitch-teachers didn't let me take them early.
hope you're feeling better my dear!