Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Very Brief Review: Rachel Getting Married

I heard Anne Hathaway was nominated for an Oscar for Rachel Getting Married. To be brutally honest, I thought she seemed like a nice gal, but at the time, I hadn't seen her in anything that had Really awed me, so I was very curious about this film. Well, it came in the mail, I watched it, and I cried. Not "this is a sad movie, my eyes are getting damp...oh look, there's a tear" tears. I'm talking about Real tears. Tears you don't think about because something is truly affecting you. This is not a really uplifting film, and yet it is. That was poorly worded, and I'll try to make amends (if you've seen the film already, you may recognize the pun I just made).

This film is almost tough to get through because (in my opinion) it is honest and real. It's about a family with real world, crazy-tragic problems. It's about a young woman who's lost in her own world of pain and regret and who has a terrible time trying to connect with her family. What I love about this movie, is that real families are just as screwed up. Real families have tragedies. Real families change, and break and rearrange. Sure, this is a cool family with ties to the music industry and the cool daughter is getting married with an AWESOME Indian-motif wedding...but underneath all the pretty, there is a real history to the relationships, to the loss, the agony. It is so well written and so well put together and (I know I sound so stupid when I say this, but here goes) I am really proud of Anne Hathaway. All the actors in this film were wonderful, but it makes me so happy to see a young actress like Anne (who has a past of thinner roles) who can turn around and... (how do I even say this?) move me. This movie probably has too many painful moments for me to want to see it again for another six years or more, but it was a Great Film. And I now have a new actor crush in the form of Mather Zickel.

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