Friday, July 24, 2009

Capital, M'boy! Capital!

Whenever I think of the word "capital" in reference to finances, I think about Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and how whenever Pip or any of these gentlemen he comes across talk about money, they talk about "raising capital." Anyway, I intend to raise a little capital by getting rid of things I don't wear very often, or don't like any more, etc. I may begin selling on Etsy. If I become a True buyer and seller, I shall, but for the moment I'm selling something that isn't vintage, but is vintage-inspired. It's a Stop Staring swing dress. I don't think too many people stop by my blog, but just in case, here is a photo and the link to the dress on ebay.


Kelsy said...

"Capital" always makes me think of Pride and Prejudice(or is it "Capitol"???) Something in reference to dancing.

Margaux said...

I looked it up and it appears that capitol only refers to Capitol Hill or something relating to the US???? Capital is both money and cities. Capital is also the P&P reference.