Monday, May 25, 2009

I don't like the modeling world, but I kind of like this girl.

What I mean by not liking the modeling world is Simply that I dislike the fact that all the models have to be Amazonian women.  The average woman (last time I checked) is about 5'4".  Fashion shows today seem to be more  about art than practicality, and it seems most models are around 5'10''.  Now, trust me, I am Very into arty, irrational things.  You might say I am the very definition of arty, ridiculous nonsense, however, it's hard for me to look at models and celebrities and not compare.  Personally, I feel better about myself when I think I look "nice", and I admit there have been times in my not so distant past when I did silly things like search for the measurements and/or weight of anybody from Grace Kelly to Ingrid Bergman to Keira Knightley and so on and so on and so on.

Models are so skinny and giraffe-like, and I can't help wishing that the fashion world valued diversity in models.  I understand that my saying that is somewhat preposterous, since the reason they're the same size is so they can throw them down the catwalk efficiently, etc, etc, etc.  My most recent search?  The model, Lily Cole.  She's an English, 5'10"readheaded model with a round face.  I saw some photos and I really liked the fact that her body has curves.  Not all women are naturally curvy, of course, but it's so rare to see shape in a model.  The funny thing I found was that she and I have nearly the same weight and measurements...except I weigh more now that all I do is stress about school and bake chocolate cakes that I eat by myself.  Oh, and I'm really not trying to brag about this.  The girl is five or six inches taller than I am, therefore, whether or not I'm the officially "healthy" one between the two of us, next to her, I would look like a bloated dwarf woman.  Still, my point is: I like that she looks more human than a lot of the other models.


Irene said...

Hmmm...It kinda annoys me that people call models like her and the likes of Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum as "CURVY"....PUH-LEAAASE....I don't think they're curvy. They're LESS skinny than anorexic supermodels. That doesn't mean they're healthy. Most of them have a below-normal BMI....that should tell people something.
I think people forgot what curvy REALLY means....curvy is size 6, 8, 10 and so on. I'M CURVY.

Margaux said...

I know, Irene. The girl is still way too thin, but she has hips that aren't only three inches bigger than her waist. I didn't know she was skinnier than anorexic models. I hardly know anything about any models. I just noticed her and thought she looked Somewhat normal (despite having extremely long, twiggy legs).

And I'm probably silly for trying to make any sort of comment on any of this, anyway. It was just a thought I had. Maybe she looked normal to me because of her less gaunt face shape. Shrug. I never said she was healthy. I just thought she looked curvier. I don't know her personally, anyway, so what do I know?

Curvy is just a word and can mean different things to different people. I hope I'm not sounding negative. haha I hate having conversations via written word sometimes.

Irene said...

hahaha hey, im not judging you!
but i really don't get're probably about as thin as these models! if ANYONE on the face of this planet shouldn't be phased about models, it should be you.

it kinda frustrates me to see beautiful thin girls get insecure about these waifs.

i hope you don't start thinking that way.

Margaux said...

Aww thanks, darling. I think most women just critique themselves too harshly and being a woman, I am no exception. :)