Friday, January 16, 2009

The Third Man

"The Third Man" is possibly the best film noir ever made.  I've seen a nice amount of Humphrey Bogart movies.  I've seen Gilda, I've seen some film noirs.  Don't ask how many.  I don't know.

I love my Bogie but this film?  The way it looks and feels, the zither music by Anton Karas, the adorable rogue character played by Orson Welles.  Something about this film just really sets it apart.  I'm never very good at analyzing why I like something so much.  Maybe it's the way Vienna looks so real...because it is real.  So many old films are on sound stages that look like sound stages.  Post-war Vienna grounds everything in reality, a bit.  It's just marvelous.  I highly recommend.


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Kelsy said...

Orson Wells. I love that guy, and yes! I saw this last year and loved it. I don't remember why, but I remember not getting bored like with so many other noir films.