Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love is the Reason!

Sometimes I get bored...and decide to share a Blossom Dearie song with whoever will listen by creating a silly video.


Irene said... format....I like it!
The dresses look so fabulous, it makes me cry that I can't afford them either! ONE DAY THOUGH!

Margaux said...

Well they're on so they're not Terribly overpriced, but I also am considering a digital camera (that I will vow to NOT break) and/or an ipod. So...yeah. I'm just not sure how to spend money. I really want to save so it's a difficult decision. Of course, no matter what, if I decided to buy a dress, I clearly couldn't buy more than one or two.

Irene said...

oh, i really really want a cannon the humongous ones with the high quality pics....I wish I could take a photo class.
BUY A DIGITAL! totally worth it. as for ipot....i have the ipod shuffle (60 dollars) and im cool with not SEEING my list.