Monday, December 22, 2008

I have this book with Marlene Dietrich's opinions on many many things, in an alphabetical list.  Its charm really lies in the fact that one can open the book and flip to a page and feel like one is in the midst of conversing with her personally.  A lot of them are rather silly and unimportant.  For example, do I truly care what Marlene thought of rocking chairs?  No.   Once in a while, there is something somewhat interesting....or just funny....or just completely stupid.  It reminds me of celebrity magazines today.  "Celebrities buy groceries too!!!"  Really?  You mean they eat to survive?  You mean they're human and exactly like all the rest of us??? NO way. Marlene was pretty neat though.  I'd explain why but am too tired and lazy.

Compassion: "Without it, you mean little."

Nakedness: "Easy for the beautiful, difficult for the ugly."

Necking: "A dirty pastime."

Sale: "The temptation of getting things 'cheaper' is cluttering up our households with unnecessary objects and actually burdens the budget."

Sex: "In America, an obsession.  In other parts of the world, a fact."

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