Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clothing Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

I know that "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has become such a female favorite that it Almost seems Old, over hyped.  SOO many posters of Audrey with the cigarette holder.  But sometimes a thing is popular simply because it's that damn fabulous and nobody can deny it.   

I have a crazed confession.  I have seen the film countless times and the thing that brings me back isn't just the young, crazy girl living this glamorous, bittersweet life, who finally finds a meaningful relationship and a sense of self.  It's also the clothes and the music and, well, Audrey making the clothes look better than anyone else.  For Some time now, I have thought how I would LOVE to own every single item she wears in the film.  The tuxedo shirt nightgown, the blue eye mask, the earring-like earplugs, the beige/off-white trench with matching scarf and shoes.  The pink dress, the Black Dress, the toga-style dress, the orange (but the Nice orange) mod coat.  Absolutely everything is divine.  She makes a beehive look like the only nice hairdo there is.  A Beehive, people.

Recently I had a very devilish thought: I may not be able to get my hands on the exact replicas of her Givenchy wardrobe, but wouldn't it be fun to find sneakily similar vintage and thrift finds to all her outfits in the movie?  I know.  I am not made of money. I should save save save.  But alas...I did happen upon a similar khaki trench and laid out the dough.  And I did Also happen upon some off white heels, and laid down the dough.  I may have even bid on a white, toga style, sixties dress on Ebay.  To tell the truth I was a little relieved someone outbid me once I got to forty-eight dollars.  

None of these, mind you, are Distinctly mirror-ish of the original costumes from the film, but they're in the same vein.  The trench and shoes don't match perfectly as I would've preferred, but who knows? Maybe one day everything will come together.

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