Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If I were a cartoon character...

I've been Raawther gloom-filled the past couple days. Haven't even glanced at my text book for introduction to logic. I have no idea why this class exists or to what it pertains. I've come to realize something. Well, maybe it isn't a New realization. Do you know the Eloise books by Kay Thompson with the wonderful illustrations by Hilary Knight? Well I think I am Eloise. Really. No, I didn't grow up in a deluxe hotel with a nanny and trot around New York and Paris. However, I'm just sort of Her, you know? Frivolous and silly and adoring of all things whimsical and lovely and glamorous and all I want to do is be myself and play and make messes and be loved at the end of the day. Only now, I'm a more grown up version, and the messes I make tend to do with my romantic life, and I can never seem to play by the rules or clean up or make anything tidy. I keep having to remind myself that nearly 21 is not the age to worry that you'll be alone until you die. But you see, I begged my mother to tell me who I'd marry when I was four. I've been a doomed romantic since I could speak properly.

If anybody writes silly children's books about me one day, I want there to be a lot of pink, just like Eloise.

You know, Kay Thompson seems to me to be a really fascinating creature. It's too bad she didn't do any big movies aside from "Funny Face". I believe she was Judy Garland's singing coach and did a ton of musical work in Hollywood.

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Anonymous said...

mother f. i wrote you a big-ass comment and i deleted it.
ok....lets try to rewrite irene.....

I SAID: 1. you will not die alone because you are much too beautiful.
2. you can't keep focusing on this...if you let go and focus on some other aspect of your life (ie school??! work?!)...things will fall into place and that perfect man will find you himself.
no point in worrying about it.
we have a saying in romania: "What's yours, is put away safe for the right time"
.....ok, it sounds stupid in english. dammit.
you get my point, i hope.
i love you!