Sunday, October 5, 2008

In my sleep...

I dreamt deeply and I saw things very clearly. Usually I can't say whether my dreams are in color or not but I know part of the dream Definitely was colorful. I had been at some strange amusement park, by myself...but I was always surrounded by high school age boys and their mothers and all these people were friendly.

Finally I somehow was outside wandering, and I came to a warm, beautiful beach. I knew I was in France in the 1920s. I was walking by all these people lying on the shore. I could hear them speaking in French and they seemed to pay no amount of attention to me, almost as though I were invisible. One man had an old fashioned navy colored bathing suit with art deco angled white stripes, and blonde, wavy hair, perfectly coifed. He was lying on the sand, his pretty eyes half open, half closed. Then there was this blonde woman in a grey dress (which I adored) that looked more 1930s. She had finger waved hair and suddenly dived into the ocean and swam. For a while it felt as though I was her. Then I walked again and saw these American people from the Present on the very same beach and sort of wondered about it. There were a couple young men, a bit tubby, wearing American Eagle style clothing. I wanted to stay in the 20s.

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