Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things that make me happy

The space heater my mother got me.
A tv with a vcr and dvd player in my bedroom (that's right I still own videos....Muppet Christmas Carol, here I come).
Xtabay Vintage (I finally went inside and nearly fainted, it is SO amazing).
Tea on a tea tray with milk and honey, tea cup and saucer.
Having problems like: "Where do I want to sew on this fringe?" and "Do I need more sequins?"
Living in a place where I can walk outside and see lots of people milling about, but not TOO many. Not New York amounts of people.
Christmas....I must start writing those cards!
Carly Simon (EVEN though I've had Nobody Does it Better stuck in my head for three days)
My pale pink walls

There's nothing wrong with being a single young woman, but I'm thinking maybe I shall adopt an imaginary pet so that I can sign the Christmas cards this way. I imagine that said pet would also make me very happy. My roommate's cat and I are getting to be friends, but you know, this imaginary dog thing has been on my mind for a While.

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