Thursday, October 20, 2011

Discovery from the past.

I was looking for a cheesy 50s cha-cha song that I love that comes on at work, "It's so Nice to Have a Man Around the House". It's really catchy and cute, with strong lady vocals (Della Reese) and makes me want to dance around in vintage clothing. Also, it's one of those rare songs that makes me so happy I forget I don't actually have a man around the house (boo). So I searched on youtube and found all these amazing songs by Della Reese, including an old country western favorite of mine from 1949, "Someday you'll want me to want you." Her version is bluesy and jazzy, but then there were all these other videos of different singers covering this song and I discovered someone I'd never even heard of: Kitty Kallen. Cute name, cute voice, cute style! I think her big hit was "Little things mean a lot". I recognize it from movies.

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