Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party like it's 1939

My mother's non-profit had an event at a vintage car show, so I dressed up as 1937 (not 1939 as this post title might hint) as possible, to match this 1937 Alpenrose milk truck and even did my hair in finger waves. To my shock, the wave setting worked wonders this time (I now see the light-the hair MUST be soaking, not just damp, etc). I had a lovely time taking pictures with folks and just looking at all the pretty. On a side note, I realize that the next time I have money that isn't needed for Responsible things, I'm going to invest in some vintage-y shape wear as this garter-belt-showing-through-my-dress look isn't Quite as sophisticated as I would like.

A couple owners let me sit in their cars too!

I met this adorable lady named Dijon (just like the mustard) whilst looking at this big gorgeous, silly-fantastic car. She was dressed completely 1920s style along with her beau who wore a boater and suspenders.

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Stereosleeper said...

Just want to say you look gorgeous and I enjoy reading your blog! Through you I'm slowly becoming more interested in vintage (it honestly never caught my attention before). Hope your days go well :)