Thursday, July 21, 2011

You can drink like Dita...

But can you look as fabulous? Every single time I go Dita-stalking around the internet, I fall in love with her all over again and am newly inspired to look as ridiculously decadent as I can every day, the way she does.

"As I said, Betty Grable was a big influence because she had this way about her both onscreen and off that made her sexy AND likeable. … She was a real “girls’ girl” and therefore she had a lot of female fans but was still a sex symbol. A lot of sex symbols become someone women are afraid of … the “man-eater” quality makes us afraid of them! There’s nothing better than a beautiful, talented woman who respects other women."-Dita Von Teese Read the full article here.
I have to say I completely agree with her.

This picture marks the first time I've not been 300% in LOVE with her ensemble. That being said, I adore that she's wearing something a little kooky for a change-it reminds me a little of myself. I guess feel a little more legitimate about the silly things I wear when I see her wearing fun silly clothes, too.

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