Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Dear.

The phone rings not! I have no job!*

I know I trained to be an actress, and I think I could give a pretty jazzy performance as a nightclub singer in the 1950s, but I have reached a frightful realization: The Year is 2011.
I'm screwed, as they say.

I have skills but nobody wants the skills I have. I can't do stand-up as far as I'm aware...maybe if I practiced, but who wants to practice? I haven't taken a dance class in a couple years. I've never worked in a clothing store or a vintage shop or lingerie shop, though Lord knows I adore them. I don't know how to make a fancy coffee. I've never waited on people, unless you count Cold Stone and Jamba Juice, but no one seems to count those. I've worked answering phones and keeping stock and mailing things, but I was fired from that job so I can't put that on a resume.

I give up. Not totally of course. I'll keep applying and praying. But I feel I look rather PATHETIC on paper. A degree. In theatre. Even I don't think it's very impressive (no offense to those lovely professors). Perhaps if I'd gone to cooking school and cosmetology school and taken dance classes and art classes, I'd be wishing I'd gone to a university. Perhaps the grass is always always greener. Sigh.

To Do


2) Start Writing That Novel/Play/Screenplay/How do I write a screenplay?

3) Print out a bunch of resumes.

4) Go vintage window-shopping with resumes in hand (wink).

5) Put together an acting resume.

6) Take up Sewing Again. And stick to it.

7) Sell things online!!!!!

*Picture borrowed from this lovely blog I just fell upon.


Irene said...

headshots - YESSSSS.....must see! i need to get pictures of you many gorgeous friends does one stumble upon!? :)

Margaux said...

Oh Irenie! I would love to play model. I would love to just hang out but modeling would be fun too!! I really need headshots and maybe I could use one/some of yours until I go get some super fancy ones (if I ever do that). Now that my hair is pinkish I don't know if I want to pay tons of money for headshots, cause I doubt I'll want this hair color forEVER.