Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I hadn't been to the Advanced Style blog in a long time and forgot how much I love it. I love the videos of older women discussing what it means to have personal style and to really take joy in dressing up. I think it's a forgotten art for a lot of women (and men) in America, these days. I'm not saying "BOO casual clothes." Today I put on yoga pants and sneakers (bright pink sneakers, but sneakers) and ran out the door. I'm just saying that I think as a society we've forgotten that it can actually be really Fun and fulfilling to put effort into dressing up. Maybe some people hate picking and wearing clothes. Tziporah in the video below says dressing is like eating and you can choose how well you do it. We're always on the go and every commercial is for fast food or microwave meals, and as a society, function and speed comes before slowly enjoying the little things. It transcends many spheres. Anyway, here's to growing older with dignity, grace and an authentic exuberance for enjoying life, whether through your wardrobe or whatever else.

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