Friday, July 2, 2010

OhMyGoodness Where Have I BEEN?

Okay, fine, well I will tell you (whoever you are). I have been enjoying myself. Occasionally I have been swooning and sighing and mean red-ing, but fortunately, my time has mainly been filled with ENJOYMENT. No, I haven't gotten to everything on my summer to-do list but it was mainly a fantasy list to pick and choose from. A list of things I have been up to:

Marathon viewing TRUE BLOOD, my new television love affair. I am always reluctant to start new shows, but this one has me completely hooked. I am tempted to even go so far as to say my love for it exceeds my love for Weeds ( something I hadn't imagined possible). In less than a few weeks, I have watched the first two seasons and the first two episodes of season three. Lord.

Taking ridiculous pictures in my floppy 70s hat.

BAKING PIES. And making people eat them.

Dancing and frolicking to dance music and 80s music like Prince, Queen, Whitney Houston... while wearing leg warmers.

Listening to records! Buying new ones for pennies!

And of course playing my ukulele, having fun with friends and rehearsing.


Desiree said...

Love the hat. That alone makes it all worthwhile.

Margaux said...

thank you! :)