Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's look at dresses!

I didn't catch all of the Golden Globe awards, but I watched a little and looked at dresses online. Funny to think that while Robert Downey Jr. (one of my few living fantasy men) was accepting his little statue, I was watching the movie for which he was nominated. Websites are always saying which dresses are good and bad, and people on tv, as well, and often I disagree with them. It's so much fun to be opinionated about these things. Here I go!

The people at, I think....or wherever I was looking (honestly can't remember) adored Christina Hendricks' gown and I did too...but I kind of thought she and Calista Flockhart should have traded dresses. I liked both of them and thought they looked lovely, but Calista is so tiny that the dress she wore made her look very frail. She could do with some voluminous ruffles.

They also gave Tina Fey a thumbs down which I felt was a little wrong. I admit I personally think the dress might've been nicer/felt more formal in a different shade, but it fits her nicely, and no one else wore that silhouette. I think following trends is dull, and Tina is no follower.

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emma wallace said...

Whenever I read those Yahoo articles I always think that the authors must have such boring/bad taste. Unless, of course, they agree with me.

I do think Calista could have used some extra floof! And Tina Fey is marvelous in her originality.