Friday, October 16, 2009


and stress-eating. I don't BINGE when I'm stressed or anything, but there is definitely always chocolate involved. In terms of shopping, I tend to go through long-ish periods of not buying and then BAM I need a fix. Kind of did that recently. In my defense, I have hardly any tights or stockings that aren't full of holes and I don't own a lot of pants, so the stockings purchases were completely necessary. However, I Maybe didn't need to buy two new dresses online. And I Maybe don't need to consider buying one or two more. What happens when I DO graduate college and I have no financial aid money? I guess I'll just have to become a clothing seller myself and go to lots of garage sales. Though honestly, I kind of think that sounds like tons and tons of fun.

Anyway, black or red? I haven't bought either dress but am....sort of thinking about it (she said shamefully).


Andi B. Goode said...

I stress shop, too!
Oooh. It's nice in black and red. Black is definitely more chic and 'practical' but the red has more...'va va voom'. ;]
-Andi x

Margaux said...

merci! :)