Thursday, September 17, 2009

Secondhand Rose

Am SUPPOSED to be packing. Kind of decided to play with my hair instead. Have been listening to my Funny Girl record a lot lately and it's just so much fun to sing along. I felt only slightly rude yesterday when my grandparents arrived and didn't quite understand why I had to sing along to "You are Woman, I am Man" instead of conversing with them like a normal human being. I did pin curls again last night (my hair length right now is nice but I feel best when it's somewhat curly) and then today I tried my amateur hand at a mini-faux-bang. I don't have a whole lot of forehead so I didn't go overboard. I look kind of silly, but I like it. I took pictures. You may observe.

I think it's kind of a sloppy job, but I'm not that obsessive about looking exactly perfect.


Kelsy said...

"You are Woman, I am Man"! Best part of that musical. Oh, Omar.

Andi B. Goode said...

Your hair looks cute =] I like it
-Andi x

Margaux said...

Kelsy-I knew you'd understand
Andi, thank you! :)