Sunday, September 27, 2009

happy things!

Jean Arthur.

Being in a class where I'm assigned to write plays about whatever I like. Here come people who talk like they walked out of the twenties, as well as ghosts and parrots and old mansions!
This picture is a bit off-topic, but I love vintage valentines.....and there's a parrot.....

Getting assigned a monologue from a Shakespeare COMEDY.

Trader Joe's.

Playing with Photo Booth on my Mac (I have a new one and it has new things and new things are exciting).


Andi B. Goode said...

I love photobooth, too.
-Andi x

d.funkt said...

that video clip is so cute! i feel like that a lot of the time...i give up! stop calling me stop emailing and texting and facebooking gaahhh. so funny. what movie is that from?

Margaux said...

It's from a screwball comedy called Easy Living. It's really adorable, and a very pretty film, too. Jean Arthur is one of my favorites. :)