Friday, September 11, 2009

Casual Friday

Do you ever feel that the days you don't try hard to look well put together are the days you magically throw on the nicest pairing of pieces? During summer when I have hazy plans and no classes to go to and no set-in-cement idea of who I might see/want to be cute for, I often just throw things on (at least for the beginning part of the day) and go about business. Today for example, I awoke with my hair in pin-curls. Not wanting to undo them just yet, I knew I'd tie a scarf around my head à la Lucy Ricardo on cleaning day. I threw on a skirt and top, put on my flip flops and grabbed my purse and suddenly realized I matched perfectly. Even the old sunglasses I don't wear much that I grabbed from a dusty drawer.

Observe (and forgive the poor quality of the photos).


sheri amor said...

nice clothes btw I followed you :)

Margaux said...

thank you! :)