Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I'm a novice at about pretty much anything to do with computers. Well, as much as a girl can be a novice despite the fact that she was born in the eighties and grew up with them. Only a little while ago did I realize that I could post a link on my blog without having to enter a code myself. And just minutes ago I realized I could change the domain of my blog in two seconds so that it actually matches the title.

Anyway, I hope the few passers-by out there don't have trouble finding me. I'm going to change to lareinemargaux.blogspot.com in a day or two. Oh, large font is exciting.

In other unrelated news, I watched yet another movie on Netflix the other day, this being The Edge of Love (2008), directed by John Maybury, written by Sharman MacDonald, starring Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller, etc. I really have very little to say about it except that it was set in the 1940s in the British Isles, so I had to watch it on principal if for no other reason. There isn't much of a story or point that I could surmise, but I'll sum up as briefly and painlessly as possible: Keira Knightley's character is a singer in London, the war's on, she was the childhood friend/adolescent lover of Dylan Thomas back in Wales, he has a crazy, freewheeling wife who likes to flirt with other men but is still possessive of him (enter Sienna Miller) and then there's a brooding, creepy-eyed soldier who marries Keira, yada yada yada, bing bang boom, blah blah blah. In conclusion, I watched the whole thing for the pretty hair, pretty make up, pretty scenery and pretty clothes. The acting was fine, and I thought Keira did some nice dialect work and I thought her singing was quite good for someone who isn't a singer (do I sound mean? I'm trying to be honest and nice). I'm done babbling though. Here are some pretty pictures.

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