Saturday, July 4, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

I'm REALLY craving a change up in my wardrobe. I think of myself as being someone who has some flair for personal style (at least when I feel like making an effort) but when I was in PARIS, looking at all these immaculately, artistically robed women, I couldn't help but feel like some ugly American dog. I'm sure I do exaggerate. One guy thought I was Russian, another thought I was Italian (?) so I must not have stood out as an American tourist TOO MUCH. I'm rambling. All I'm trying to say is: I'm bored and ready for changes.

Sadly, Paris took a Lot of the money that was to last me the rest of the summer. If I DO intend to shop, I must be Extremely prudent with how and where I do so. Hmmm....maybe I should get one of those weardrobe accounts and scrutinize all my clothes. It might be a wise summer project.

ANYWAY, to get to my first POINT which is SHOES.
I don't buy many shoes. I have a lot of high heels, two pairs of flip flops, both Havaianas purchased while in Australia, one pair is black and one pair is raspberry pink. I also own a pair of shiny red, slip on moccasins purchased from the Talbots outlet my mother frequents in Lynnwood, and one pair of black ballet flats with absolutely NO foot support. Oh, and one pair of purple Asics tennis shoes I ordered used from ebay which don't fit Perfectly. I currently cannot find the right shoe to the pair.

I've always been more obsessed with clothing than shoes. Trust me, I love shoes, but I can always be more tempted to spend $80 on a great dress than on a great pair of shoes. I am a dress fiend. I buy skirts and tops on occasion, but mainly if I'm buying something, it's a dress. But my feet are neglected. Sigh. One day, feet. One day I'll buy you some cute shoes that are also comfortable. I promise. If I were Very rich, here are things I might purchase.

Also from Modcloth.

Look at all the pretty things!! Sigh. I Must go thrift buying and selling before I go mad. MUST.

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