Friday, June 26, 2009

Je reviens

I have returned from Paris. I spent one lovely week there with one of my favorite people in the whole world and his grandmere. Mon ami and I had a very nice time reconnecting, and came up with a lot of inside jokes. I forget what it's like to have inside joke-friends. I guess I don't have very many at the moment, or at least not many I see regularly. Not that non-inside joke-friends are disposable and worthless, au contraire: all friends are good friends. That's why we call them "friends." I will cease this meaningless dribble...maintenant.

I did some naughty things in terms of spending which I shall reveal a little later. I'm a little ashamed of myself, to be honest...but I NEEDED to buy some nice things in Paris. If I came home with a Paris t-shirt and a pen and no more, I would have felt so sad. You see, when I visited France at fifteen, I had no idea about my own personal style. I thought I did, but you see, I thought terribly wrong. This was my opportunity to shop in Paris, and do it RIGHT.

My last day was highly entertaining. Drew and Grandma Patti went off to London and I was left alone at Drew's lovely friend, Claire's apartment (she was off to London for the weekend as well). I absolutely could Not just sit around all day, so I left, with FAR greater courage than I should have had. 'I am a city-dweller! I can handle this!' I thought innocently. I walked outside and saw the Eiffel Tower so I was on my merry way. Clearly, I got lost and a lot of highly comical things happened to me. Maybe I am conceited sometimes, but I really do believe that my life is sometimes comedy gold. Or maybe I'm just not used to such a wide variety of Parisian/foreign men and their ways.

I feel like I have many more posts in me than have actually been posted of late but at the moment, am too lazy to craft anything together. Here are some photos. FIN.

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