Sunday, May 31, 2009

Research Party!

Today I'm doing research for my costume history project.  I chose a pretty ridiculously broad subject, this being the transition (19th-20th century) of Western women's dress from the extremely "feminine" corseted, gowns/skirts-only to the much less gender-specific trousers/tops, etc.

There is SO much information and I spent about an hour in the library photocopying books with reprints of old Sears catalogues from 1909 to 1969.  When you think about it, the change that happened in sixty years is really fascinating.  Anyway, what I find even more fun than looking at ads for store fashions are pictures of real people living their lives. is like a vortex of visual information.  Here are some of my favorite photos from my shorpy-viewing today.

I think if he were speaking he'd say, "You are NOT on my dance card, Miss.  PARDON ME."  Or maybe, "I said I was allergic to walnuts.  What do these look like to you??!!"  He's certainly striking.

And those punks today think they invented something NEW when they wear "girl jeans." (shake of the head)

Have I mentioned that I am drawn to pictures of women and their dogs?  Because apparently, I am.

Note: I'm sorry I haven't included Shorpy's information on these people.  I highly recommend looking around the site.  It's truly captivating.

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the grom said...

I loved this is so beautiful and evocative of a time....of actually a mind-set...

a hark back to the hey days of Buster, Chaplin, Dorothy Parker to name a few...

thanks so much