Monday, May 4, 2009

Chasin' the Blues Away

How do I chase my blues away? I huddle in the dark, watching hours and hours of "Lost" episodes, cover bananas and apples in chocolate syrup, play the ukulele, get some sleep and proceed to wear my most femme fatale outfit and make-up so that I can spend an hour in the presence of humans, feeling better about things. Hey, at least I make an interesting picture, right? Oh, did I mention I also take pictures from the bathroom, doing silly poses in an attempt to channel Carole Lombard? Because apparently I do that, too.

Top: Banana Republic, thrifted, Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Lushhouse, purchased at a shop in Melbourne


Kelsy said...

Love it. Also, right now I don't have any roommates, so my human interaction is pathetically slim...really need to work on between sitting on my couch and watching TV.

fashionAddict said...

There is something about that "timespace" (between sitting on my couch and watching TV), it is dangerously comfortable :-) .. But posing! dressing up! and putting on some make up really makes me feel the fun! (I search for makeup tips in youtube videos because i am clueless)

Margaux.. You are Divine!!!
Excuse my English.. i am greek...

Margaux said...

I like youtube videos on hair and make up too. The other day I saw a really good one on Audrey Hepburn make up. haha I'm glad you like my blog, dear! And your English is five million times better than my Greek, trust me. :)