Monday, April 13, 2009

ME? Skip class to play dress-up?!?!


.........Okay, okay, okay, you got me. I brought my 1930s Ebay dress to school with me after this weekend and was hanging it up when I couldn't resist trying it on. Then, sensing the emptiness of the apartment, I Also couldn't resist the urge to take silly pictures. It's been aeons since I've done this. Usually the impulse is clouded by other impulses like watching BBC miniseries on Netflix, or (more likely) the apartment is full of girls and I would never be so silly with other people around. Well, maybe under certain circumstances. Oh you know what I mean.

I love this dress so much and have wanted to show it off for a while. Will save it for Wednesday or Friday, I think. Those are the days I don't have a movement class.


Kelsy said...

Love that dress. You're so fabulous!

Margaux said...

Aww, thank you, dahling!