Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to my life.

I was going to go to bed three hours ago. But my mind was racing due to an unwanted telephone call, so I ate half a loaf of sourdough, with boursin, drank ginger ale and watched Audrey Hepburn interviews on youtube.

Check out her outfit! Stunning. Audrey really is such a lovely role model for young women. Maybe it's silly to be annoyed that she's become "over" popularized/marketed to the point where it seems prosaic to say you adore her. Maybe it's absolutely ridiculous to turn away "Pseudo-Audrey Fans." There's room for everybody in the Hepburn Worship Circle. Okay, maybe "worship" is a bit over the top. You know what I mean.


Kelsy said...

Oh, she's so classy! It's totally okay to adore her. She's by fair my favorite actress ever, and maybe it's because of those instincts ;)

Irene said...

oh no...what kind of phone call...i think i have an idea....

honey, i love your posts so much! i always leave feeling like i want to have a tea party with flowers in my hair. Yes, that is how you make me feel.