Saturday, October 18, 2008

On the telly...

The Races, last year.

I miss Australia. One knows true love when time and distance only Increase the pain and the loss. Pardon me. I do tend to be a tad melodramatic de temps en temps.

Anyway British TV sort of makes me feel like I'm there. One of the many things I loved about Australia was television. They had shows from Australia, the UK, New Zealand and the US on their four primary channels. Here, we just have US shows. Blech. Most of them I don't like anyway. "To the Manor Born" was on and it was nice to have dinner and watch it. It's funny because I believe this show was on in the 1970s and there are no American shows from that time period that I would Ever want to watch. I don't think "Three's Company" ever had lines like "I often drink instant coffee from a mug." "Yes, you do, Margery."

Oh silence, oh dear, calm, empty apartment, stay still with me a little longer. I truly believe the reason I've had difficulty getting to sleep at a decent hour of late is due to my need for privacy. My ideal living solution would be to live alone but be out and about and social every day.

Mmm a man in a kilt. Why did you decide I should be born here, God? Hmmm maybe if I'd been born in Europe or Australia, I'd be obsessed with North America. Anything is possible.


Aurélie V.M. said...

this picture is really delicious, like your lovely blog dear!
i love i love i love all!

Miss Marbles said...

Merci beaucoup! Your blog is tres adorable as well. I really enjoy it. :)