Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mini-ramble on the internet, the Modern Age, Nostalgia and Woody Allen

Would the world be better or worse without the internet? I think the answer is yes. All of these modern changes seem to both help and hinder our growth and well-being. Facebook is a very easy way for me to share funny things or information or dates of events with friends, but it is also a strange universe unto itself. For example, the whole "relationship status" thing...or even simply the beginning and ending of relationships, regardless of a "status" can be an awkward thing to view publicly. I don't always feel comfortable being able to view personal details about people's lives when we aren't extremely close friends. There isn't really a way to get around this though. Yes, I'm sure I could jump through thirty or forty customizable hoops in order to not see so much...or I could "hide" people or delete more friends or just go ahead and delete my whole facebook. But all of these options seem so exhausting. Also, I do enjoy having my own little online scrapbook of pictures and notes between friends. It's silly but it's sort of nice.

The days when we didn't know the exact moment when people broke up or got together seem so distant and foggy now. And that breaks my heart. I don't want to stalk, and pool clues together to know private things about friends and acquaintances, but I am human and therefore creepily curious. And I don't want that as a right. I don't want that to be an option at all. Sometimes I imagine my ten year high school reunion and it gets under my skin that by that time, I may still be facebook friends with people I haven't seen since high school. I may know they have children, may know where they work, even though we don't speak. And isn't that weird? Isn't that....creepy? Maybe I need to leave the site. Shrug.

Or maybe I just need to not use my computer so much when I'm alone and bored....... Who knows. I'm just nostalgic. The past always seems better to me. Which reminds me of Midnight in Paris, which you should see sometime, if you haven't. I think a huge reason I relate to and love Woody Allen is because he and I share nostalgia for similar periods in time, similar music, and he's fascinated by death and darkness and the unfathomable amount of things we can't understand in life, so he just clings to what's funny and beautiful. That's just my view of his work, perhaps I'm simply projecting.

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